5 Benefits of Concrete Pavers

Concrete Pavers, Spring Hill, FL At CLP Property Management, we specialize in designing and installing all types of outdoor living area paver projects. There are many benefits of investing in concrete paver installations. Here are 5 benefits that we would like to share with you.

Long Term Durability

Concrete pavers provide long-term durability for any surface. They can handle almost any weight without cracking. It can take many years before they can succumb to cracks or damage and replacement is easy and quick. Pavers make much more practical surface options than poured concrete.

Concrete pavers can expand and contract with temperature changes without cracking. They are also weather-resistant and will not be damaged even under the most extreme conditions. They will usually have a slip-resistant and rough surface.

Easy To Install

Concrete pavers stand out for their ease of installation. The process of underlayment preparation is almost like that for poured surfaces. There is no need for heavy equipment for pouring asphalt or concrete. Overall, this ease translates into faster project completion and lower costs.

Numerous Color Options

Concrete pavers make one of the most versatile outdoor surface building materials. You can choose from endless color options and mix them together to create unique driveways, walkways, or other features. Some of the common types of color categories for pavers include:

  • Solid colors
  • Blended colors
  • White cement
  • Gray cement

One of the most rewarding yet difficult things about a concrete pavers project is the choice of color. This means that you can find just the perfect pavers for your home. We recommend using the following tips to choose the right color:

  • Choose hues that harmonize with your landscape and home architecture
  • Consider the effect you want to create – non-tumbled pavers in grey or natural tones for a Zen garden, select patterns if you want to create a vibrant space for your patio or driveway, or choose tumbled pavers with uneven colors and edges to create a rustic look.
  • Choose light-colored concrete pavers to make an area seem larger and dark-colored pavers to make the area seem smaller.
  • Consider sunlight in the area, as it can affect the paver color and accent. Also consider how hot certain paving stone colors may get during the summer.
  • Choose between multicolored and monotone installations.
  • Consider matching your pavers to the roof color.
  • Paver textures also affect the choice of color.

Diverse Shapes

Pavers shapes can be used to create engaging designs and patterns, unparalleled by any other paving material. The combination of the shape, pattern, color, and visual texture of concrete pavers can add charm and vibrancy to any landscape. According to multiple research studies, paver shapes can make a big impact on the structural performance of the block pavement. There are 3 main categories of paver shapes:

  • Interlocking on a single axis
  • Fully interlocking on both axes
  • Nondentated, such as rectangular and square shapes

Pavers are available in many geometric shapes, but rectangles are the most basic and popular options.

Variety of Patterns

Concrete pavers are available with all sorts of patterns you can imagine. From smooth edges to tongue-and-groove for interlocking, there are many options for you to choose from. When it comes to patio or walkway installation, you can have the pavers cut to fit your preferences for the pattern.

Some of the most popular paver patterns include:

  • Herringbone
  • Stack bond
  • Running bond
  • Basketweave
  • Muster K
  • Five stone
  • Five stone random
  • Three stone

Whatever your concrete paver project, we at CLP Property Management can take care of all aspects of it. We have over 15 years of industry experience, serving both residential and commercial properties.
If you want to discuss your project goals and ideas with us, call us at 352-549-4981 or fill out the Form to send us an email.

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