Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchens, New Port Richey FL Many homeowners like the idea of getting outdoor kitchens installed in some areas of their yards. You can also get it built on a patio or deck and extend your home's indoor areas into this functional space. However, since the structure would be exposed to the elements and see some wear and tear over time, it is necessary to plan the project well.

Using the right quality materials, and making sure that the layout is correct goes a long way in improving the usability and comfort factor of this feature. When you want high-grade outdoor kitchen design and installation solutions, contact CLP Property Management with your requirements.

Custom Designed Outdoor Kitchen Layouts and Plans

We are a leading hardscaping company in this industry. Our team of designers and installers has handled many outdoor kitchen projects on residential properties across the region.

We customize our solutions and focus on ensuring that your vision and ideas are incorporated into the plans and layouts that we provide. We focus on many different aspects while planning your outdoor kitchen, such as:

  • The available space
  • An area where the kitchen needs to be installed
  • The kind of countertop layout that you want
  • Size of the outdoor kitchen
  • Whether you want to seat in the kitchen area
  • Will it be installed on a patio or deck?
  • Type of flooring that you want
  • Type and number of appliances that you will install there
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Type of fuel you need
  • Other

Our team never compromises on the quality aspect while designing and planning outdoor kitchens. The idea is to have a resilient structure that will provide you with good usability while allowing you to enjoy the outdoor areas of your property easily.

We use the best paver stones for outdoor kitchens, ensure that the ground is stable and can build retaining walls around the patio or deck's periphery if it needs some support. Depending on your preferences, we can install a fire pit in the patio kitchen.

We focus on creating the right movement flow, so even the most compact outdoor kitchens are comfortable. Installing the structure in your yard is a great way to use the available space and cook for family and friends.

Cost-Effective Outdoor kitchens

Our hardscape designers are very skilled and creative and ensure that the entire outdoor spaces are well-balanced. They have discussions with clients and make sure that the materials and styling complement the existing styles of the patio and other installations.

As a family-owned and operated company, we know what it takes to provide our clients with personalized attention and how important that is. We never cut corners in work and always go the extra mile to ensure that our clients are 100% satisfied with the outdoor kitchen designing services we have provided. With over 15 years of industry experience, there are almost no hardscaping needs we cannot handle.

We are the expert hardscaping professionals that offer the best services. For any additional information about our patio kitchen design and installation services, call CLP Property Management at this number- 352-549-4981. You can also send us your requests and queries through this Online Form, and we will respond within a short time.

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