Stripping/Sealer Removal

Most pavers have had a coating or sealer applied to them over the course of their life –cycle. The types of sealers as well as their methods of application vary greatly and therefore the results are not always as expected.

There are many variables that come into play when sealing pavers. The most common reason for a sealer to fail is the following:

  • Bad quality sealer (not enough solids)
  • Moisture was trapped under the sealer
  • Efflorescence (white haze) was not removed thoroughly before sealing
  • Sealer was applied unevenly or incorrectly
  • Weather conditions are not suitable for the product to cure properly

When a sealer project goes bad, it can seem almost irreparable. The sealer typically turns white, yellow, or can even start to flake. The overall appearance of your once beautiful project seems gone forever…not anymore!

Through years of field testing different cleaners, sealers, and strippers we have developed a system that can bring back to life even the most abused projects. Our cleaners and strippers are all 100 % BIODEGRADABLE, ensuring that you, your pets, and your landscaping are safe with our system.

Our process typically takes between 1-2 days depending on the severity of the project. Our process includes:

  • Applying stripping agent (1-2 coats)
  • Using a hot water pressure washer to remove multiple coating layers (where needed)
  • Applying a cleaning/degreasing agent to thoroughly clean surface
  • Refilling sand joints with DOT certified washed concrete sand
  • Applying two coats of sealer (flood coat & topcoat)

The process of stripping and restoring pavers is one that no one should attempt to do themselves if not a professional.

Don’t be fooled!

Some inexperienced installers will attempt to restore your pavers by re-melting the existing sealer using a solvent. This allows the sealer to emulsify & temporarily give you the appearance that the problem has been solved. You pay for what appears to be a restored paver job, only to find the same recurring problems.

Stripping/Sealer Removal Weeki Wachee FL

The picture on the left shows a sealed pool deck with efflorescence build upon it. This is prior to stripping/re-sealing. The picture on the right shows the same pool deck after it's been stripped and re-sealed. See the color difference? Wow!
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