Pool Decks

When you have a swimming pool in your yard, you want to be able to use it optimally and that can happen only when you hire experienced professionals for the design and installation job. Your pool area is your own private leisure zone and you can get this space custom-designed with the features you like, to ensure it suits your lifestyle and preferences.

This space is exposed to the elements and that makes it important to use weather-resistant materials such as pavers that will last for a long time without becoming impacted by climatic changes. You can also enhance the beauty and functionality of the space by adding outdoor pool decking. Pool deck pavers will provide you with an aesthetically pleasing feature that will also be easy to install and maintain!

Custom Designed Pool Decks

There are a few things to consider when installing a pool deck.

  1. Design – We have many colors, textures & sizes to fit your needs.
  2. Use – It is important to choose a texture & pattern that will accommodate the constant flow of water & foot traffic on your deck.
  3. Coping – The term used for a border that caps the pool wall. It creates a nice visual effect while protecting the pool from damage.
  4. Drain – You must have an outlet for the water so that puddles do not accumulate on the deck.

We highly recommend having your pavers sealed to maintain color & longevity.

When skilled landscapers are creating the pool decking plans for you, they focus on including the elements and features you want. For example, if you want a glass balustrade and railings installed along the periphery or need some lamp posts installed, they will handle the job for you.

The pool decking materials should be tough and hardy and last for several years with truly little maintenance. That is why we recommend that you install pavers made of natural stone, concrete, or clay. These are resilient and you can choose to pave with textured surfaces; this anti-slip surface is particularly useful in pool spaces where there is bound to be a lot of water.

Pool Deck Paver Cost

The cost of pool deck pavers can vary significantly depending on the size and spread of the poolscape, the types of paver material you choose to use and any other features you have added there. The one way to make sure you get the best pricing is to hire proven experts with a good reputation in the industry for so we can ensure that you get the best-priced pavers on the market.

Creating stunning, resilient, and long-lasting pool decks are about making sure that good quality materials and workmanship are used in the project. The best way to ensure this is to hire the services of well-established companies like us here at CLP Property Management who will provide customized services at a reasonable cost and complete the job to your satisfaction!

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